Almost Heading Home

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One thing I didn’t anticipate about being here for a month of yoga at the Iyengar Institute was the incredible connections I would make with yoga practitioners and teachers from around the world. Being here reminds me of what summer camp probably felt like for kids. I feel like the connections I’ve made are ones that will stick.

I now have friends from Spain, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, the UK, Singapore, New Zealand, India (of course) and more. I also have made some domestic connections from Memphis, Illinois and San Fransisco. I don’t know when the reunion will be, which makes me a little sad. But I’m also grateful for Facebook and email–again technology at its best.

The instruction in the asana and pranayama classes has become more subtle in the past week and my practice has taken a turn that I didn’t expect, but is very welcomed. I have seen enough temples and done enough shopping to last a year, so now I am just attending classes, eating, practicing, reading and sleeping. And of course I’ve been meeting up with my new yoga friends for one last chai in between all of that.

Practicing in the room with Mr. Iyengar has been an amazing treat. In his nineties, he is as vibrant as ever. He practices 20-minute or more Sirsasanas (headstand) and 1/2 hour intense backbends over stumps, huge rolls, back benders and/or the trestle. When he isn’t doing asana himself (and sometimes when he is) he is instructing his grand daughter and close assistants while they practice. A few of us guests have had the honor of instruction from him as well during the practice sessions, having been in the right place at the right time.

I have three more classes and three more practice sessions. Although I look forward to those three classes and practice times enough to keep me in the moment, I have begun to pack and am ready to start the trek home. I’ll be on a plane Wedenesday night (Oregon’s Wed. morning) and will be in transit until Thursday night, Oregon time, when I land at the lovely Medford International Airport.

I hope to see you soon after Labor Day. And I look forward to sharing my yoga inspirations with you at the workshop on the 22nd of September or in class!


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  1. JoAnn Edwards

    Thank you Janet for the wonderful posts. It takes me back with fondness, and even though its been almost 15 years since I went, I continue to think back and learn. What you shared reminded me of so many important things, honesty being at the top. Mr. I has a way of putting things that gets right to the heart of the matter. It challenges my delicate sensibilities, but maybe they need to be challenged. Keeps us flexible, right? Anyway, hugs from San Diego and easy travels home. Hugs, j

  2. kristine

    Greeetings Janet!
    I’ve enjoyed your blogs immensely and have become homesick for India because of them. Thank you very much for sharing. I wish i could attend the special Post-Pune gathering you’re having the end of September and learn more, but, alas, i’m going to be out of town then. Sigh…. Anyway, may your return trip be a breeze or a snap or something that’s goes quickly and easily. Cheers! k~

  3. Joanna

    It’s been wonderful reading your posts from India. It will be even more wonderful to have you home in Southern Oregon. Safe travels and see you in September. Love, Joanna