All RYA classes are online unless specified on the schedule. Students who are new to RYA will need to complete our online RYA Waiver and purchase classes before receiving the codes to join any classes. Please give us 24 hours to email you the information you need to join our online classes.

New students can “drop-in” to a class whenever they are ready to begin yoga. It is best to start with a Level 1 or Level 1-2 class if you have never done yoga before, so you can get acquainted with the basics.

Join the class a few minutes before class starts to make sure your screen is set up optimally, so you can see the teacher and the teacher can see you. If you have a mat and a couple of blankets, make sure they are handy. The teacher will help guide you on how to use the props.

Class is taught as a sequence of poses, gradually building in intensity. The beginning and end are important components of the class. Please be on time. If you must leave early, allow yourself a few minutes of relaxation before you go.

Questions during class are welcome.

Special Needs: Please inform your instructor of any injuries or chronic illness (this includes injuries past or present and/or medical problems such as high blood pressure or heart conditions). You can use the “chat” button at the bottom of the Zoom page during an online class, if you want to speak privately with the teacher. Some poses could be harmful depending on your health, but can be modified to fit your needs.

Menstrual Period: During menstruation, avoid inversions and some strenuous poses. We will be happy to show you appropriate alternate poses.

Yoga is Joyful! Be light and have fun.